By CoffeePotter

Tiny Tuesday - Seasonal

It was a good frost this morning, and very pretty.  These little drops were forming from the ice thawing on a tree in the garden. 
We brought this tree with us when we moved. It was still potted up as we had bought it as an extra  30th birthday present for our son a few years ago, with the intention of him planting it in his garden if ever they come back to England. We've given up waiting, and planted it in our garden. 
I have a photo of it when we first bought it,  so that we could show him, and it was about 50 cm tall. It's now almost 2 metres, and is very lovely. We had to zoom in on the label in the photo so that we could tell what it was as the label has since been lost. It's a Mexican White Pine (Ayacahuite). 
I thought it was seasonal as it looks a bit like a Christmas tree. 
We enjoyed a Skype session with our family today. The boys' letters had arrived from Father Christmas (via Save the Children !) and they were so excited. We also for some reason started to count from 1 to 10 in Chinese, and they were laughing at my pronunciation. Evidently my no. 10 (sounds like "shur") should be stretched out more and go up a bit at the end. That's what the 4 year old told me anyway, and he speaks it better than I do! I bow to his far superior knowledge. I've been given my homework and told to practise 1 to 10 and 10 down to 1 before our next Skype (which will be on Christmas Eve at about midnight - their Christmas morning). 

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