What a miserable day, it rained all night, and then rained all day. The rain was particularly heavy in the morning. I went out with the intention of a wet weather photograph, but I didn't get anything I particularly liked.

I had lunch at John Lewis, so here is a shot of one of the displays on the second floor. A month or so ago they had a halloween display which was quite good, now we are closer to halloween it has been moved and replaced with this display of sweets of yesteryear.

Not too inappropriate as it happens since a sherbet fountain appeared in my dreams last night, no idea why this should be. One of these jars contains sherbet fountains. So I think the dream is a result of one of the other times I considered posting this display as my photo of the day.

This is more colourful than the views of Aberdeen in the rain, so I hope a bit more cheerful. The rain is supposed to stop later today. Here's hoping.

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