A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Christmas Harlow

Made it to Harlow Carr today. Even though it has been a rather dull day it has been extremely mild.

I like to see the garden decorations though there wasn't much that was new. Silver and mirrored baubles on the white birches on the entrance steps and these giant baubles down by the bathhouse. I've enhanced then in Adobe Photoshop express to highlight the red and so,that you can see Chris messing about in the reflection!
There were some new snowflakes along side the stream which will look pretty when lit up and I understand they have some special evenings where lots of the garden plants are lit with coloured lights.
The bathhouse was in use for Santa so lots of children around, but we got into Betty's and had lovely Sweet potato and Leek soup and a shared sandwich.

Left via the shop as always and got a basket planter with three white cyclamen, two hyacinths and some ivy at half price. Bargain and it looks great in the conservatory where the cacti flowers are now past their best.

Nice day out after a muddy early walk, first since the icy weather (saw a deer and a dipper) and soon off to the pub for early doors drinks with friends. Think I should sleep tonight

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