I'm doing so much better today. Thank you so much for all the wishes! 

I got some sad news today. My uncle - my dad's brother - has died. My aunt had asked his neighbor to go check on him as she hadn't heard from him for some days. He was found dead in his house. He hadn't gotten his mail for 5 days, so... The dogs that he had have already been put to sleep (I was told).

He was a peculiar person. He was the middle son (of four kids, oldest my aunt), so I guess he always had something to prove. He had great career. He founded the first vegetable diet restaurant in Finland. He wrote a lot of food recipe books. He was very successful in so many ways.

He lived his life the way he wanted. Not the way most of us would live. In his later years he brought a lot of worry to people close to him with his way of life. I can say he lived to the fullest in his own way. He was a person who "always knew best". And he did what he wanted. He was also very frank in his opinions.

I haven't seen him in almost 5 years. I can't really say I will miss him, but I am sad. Mostly I'm sad for his children (both grown up now) and his siblings.

He was only about 67. I hope he got to go in his sleep or at least a way that didn't make him suffer. It feels really surreal that he's gone. We got Buddha from him.

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