Misty Morning

I went straight out this morning, before I'd even had breakfast, to go to the butchers' for meat for Christmas. None of us like turkey so I got a nice joint of beef. And stuffing meat too of course! Whilst there I sampled a mini sausage roll that they had up on the counter for customers

That was enough to tide me over to go into town and buy the last couple of outstanding presents. There always seems to be one thing that is hard to find, doesn't there? I wanted a glass tankard-style glass for my Dad, as his old one got smashed, but I had real problems finding one. Eventually I got one in Clintons, and it was discounted too! 

I took this shot of the Cathedral from Pelham bridge on the way home so I don't have to go out until work tonight. I've a bit of housework to get done and may do the last bit of present-wrapping too if I have time!

But first, post my Blip and drink a coffee!

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