Flower Friday 22 - Blue and Orange

The patterns in the clouds were so interesting this morning that I knew I had to combine it with the orange gum tree flowers.

Very big final day at work today, didn't sit down at all and had no lunch because so many people came through either to pick up finished items or drop off broken ones to be ready for next year. Then there were the people with gifts, or who came for drinks to celebrate the season, honestly it was a madhouse!!

J arrived about 6pm and I quickly got ready to go out for dinner with him and G. We've been to our favourite very authentic Italian restaurant for our Christmas feast which was the huge seafood platter, garlic bread and garlic mussels, it was A-mazing!!! I am so full I can hardly move!

Tomorrow it's into the city to wander and do a bit of last minute shopping and have lunch then back to J's for dinner. Sunday I will truly be falling in a heap and sleeping as long as I can!! :o)

Thanks to Anni for hosting xxx

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