Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Christmas Eve

Thank you for the lovely comments on yesterday's portrait - its always good to get some family photos when I can, and I know their mothers will like to have copies of these. Today's image is yet another family photo, this time Luke in his Christmas jumper with Murdoch wanting to be in the photo too!

Its Christmas Eve...we usually have a baked salmon meal but as Bianca and Kevin have not had an opportunity yet to have one of England's delicious Indian curries, everyone voted for Indian take-aways tonight - yes it's not very Christmassy but it suits me perfectly! Its rather nice to have a lazy evening before the cooking marathon starts tomorrow. 

Today I made my cranberry sauce and I have set the table for Christmas lunch tomorrow, so that is two small jobs ticked off. The boys have been wrapping presents and everyone is quite relaxed at this stage. Poor Thomas is still feeling very ill - he got up this morning and was nearly sick over his breakfast so went back to bed where he has been sleeping for most of the day so far. Gavin went to the pharmacy to get some medication for him, and tonight when we will all be drinking champagne the poor boy will be sipping Night Nurse instead. Last year Luke was ill for Christmas - it's always one of them it seems.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas, and hope that your Christmas Eve is all that you wished it to be.

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