our new home

: 0 ) This was the first time we opened the front door ourselves as the new owners . . . although we won't be moving here for about 3 weeks. There's a little work to be done first, new windows, painting and my Nia White Belt Training starts tomorrow. This training is 8-6 every day for a week, sheesh! I promise to pace myself . . . .

We hope to move into our new digs on a canal of the Braden River in about 3 weeks, Steven is meeting the movers on Tuesday. I think that will give us enough time to do the work and pack up. I have started packing, but as many of you know, it is a huge job.

Tomorrow we are pulling the "kayak train" behind us on our boat Chelsea right there on the Braden River, it should be a fun send off for my 1st day of nia training!! Some of my friends I met through Nia are coming! I hope to have some photos for you. Here is how Dave Lucas of Lucas boatworks describes it . . .
"Here's your invitation to drag your ass off the couch and get on a kayak train this coming Saturday. We'll try to get all hooked up from my beach about 10ish that morning and Steve will take us on a six mile long, hour and a half tour of the Braden river. Since most of you have never done this I'll splane what happens . . . All of the boats get tied together and are pulled by Chelsea the African Queen. It's really fun and you get all of the benefits of a kayak ride except for the exercise. You're sitting in your boat enjoying the river, looking at stuff, taking pictures and relaxing. The train of kayaks follows the mother boat perfectly and doesn't crack the whip or cut corners when he turns. When we get back you can eat lunch in the tiki hut or go back out or whatever. Our longest train to date is 17 boats and I'm expecting more this time."

>\: O )

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