I woke at 7.30ish and took the boys out for a walk.

My sister was awake, when I came back and we had breakfast. We talked and enjoyed a peaceful morning for almost 2½ hours. It was lovely.

After breakfast, we went to Hillerød and walked in the beautifully decorated streets and through the Castle gardens around the lake. 

The extra is a picture, my sister took of the boys and me in the town square. You can see the castle in the back ground and the statue is of King Frederik VII

We had lunch, when we came back to my sister's and then it was time for me to say goodbye. 

I left at 2 pm as I had booked the training hall from 3.30 pm.

I had booked the hall for 2 hours, but I left after 1½ hours. Too tired for a full session. I did have very good training with all 3 boys though.

My blip today is Biscuit, who is giving one of the training hall elves a hug :-)

I am home now, have unpacked and is ready for a restful evening. Gosh I am will sleep well tonight :-)

Happy Christmas Day
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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