During the winter we have dozens and dozens of wax-eyes visiting our feeder.  In the summer I only put out apples for the two legged varieties, and only a pair of wax-eyes visit for their daily fruit intake.  I love his/her whitish fluffy underside.
Its been a "on the couch day", and this photo is taken from the couch through the window. 
And why a "on the couch day" - 'cause its cold and raining (on and off).  Such a contrast from yesterdays 29 deg.
We had a power outage for many hours through the night, finally coming on at 10am, just in time for a coffee.  The earlier cup of tea was made on the bbq.  Don't know what the cause was, but seems it was just our road.....lots of trucks, hi-abs and workmen needed, bumma being called out on a public holiday.


PS  (an hour later) I've added a full rainbow, taken from our door.  As I said above it has rained all day, but the sun squeezed through for 10 minutes.  Zipped outside and took a shot which I've put into extra.  And would you believe it now, it is totally torrential rain - taken the TV reception and I can't hear myself think!!!  Crazy, anybody would think we lived in the tropics.

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