By CoffeePotter

Christmas Jumpers

Joy was the lady who asked these three nutters  post Christmas Day hangover recoverers people to jump from the quay at Portscatho. They were jumping for Joy.  From the screams when they hit the water, and the speed with which they exited (as though being followed by a great white) I think that the temperature must have been pretty chilly. 
Meanwhile, C and I enjoyed a great coffee (why does the coffee taste better in Devon and Cornwall than in the Midlands - is it the water?) and shared a chocolate brownie. (We always share - that way there's no less guilt.) 
From where we had parked the car we walked down the coast path to the village, but it was extremely slippy, so we walked back via the road. Very bracing and just got back before the rain really started in earnest. We shall re-acquaint ourselves with Mr Turkey later on today and introduce him to Miss Mango Pickle.

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