Impression of Winston Churchill

Awful shot through the lounge window but it's the only one I've got.
Isn't the British NHS wonderful?
Following my tooth extraction on Friday afternoon, and after having spoken to and/or seen my dentist every day over the Christmas break, I called him again at 9:30am today. He advised seeing a doctor as he suspected something else was going on. At 9:45 I called 111. Had a long chat to them and they made an appointment for me at Warwick Hospital at 11:15. It's about a 30 - 40 minute drive to get there, so off we went. We were shown to the fracture clinic (nothing broken just a covenient place with spare rooms) where there was a doctor waiting to see me. (Thankfully she had grey hair. Nothing against young doctors but all the way there I was worried I'd get someone "inexperenced"). She took one look and confirmed the dentist's suspicions from this morning, that I have shingles. 
Several items on a prescription, we collected it from Boots just outside Stratford and were home again by 12:30.
Still finding it difficult to eat or drink or swallow as my face and tongue has lots of blisters. I'm certainly not blipping that. It's like a horror film.
I'm now all dosed up but pretty zonked out by strong painkillers.
Night night.
p.s. C went out this afternoon and took some photos of Ziggy from under the water in the river. That's the first "Christmassy" thing either of us has done - I bought him the camera for Christmas for when we are on holiday. 

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