Looking through my window

I've stayed in bed all day today until a couple of minutes ago (it's now 18:40). I shall eat my dinner and then probably go straight back to bed again.
I took this photo from the bed this morning. I've noticed that this bird (collared dove I think) hardly ever moves from this spot. Sometimes his/her friend comes to join him/her but he/she just sits most of the time.
That's about all I've done today. I can't read, as I can't wear my glasses for more than a couple of minutes as my skin hurts too much. Last night was one of the worst yet. The only way I could describe how the skin on my face felt would be to involve an electric bar heater, and a box of insects.
C went shopping and bought me some lovely crystallised ginger and vanilla choc ice things but I couldn't open my mouth enough to eat one, so he chopped it into bits and I ate it as it melted, which was heaven.
This afternoon I also saw (and photographed) a Lesser-Spotted Blipper in the river meadow behind our house but that's it for today.
Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself.

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