Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Eenie, Meenie... Tiny (and #48)

This is my last week hosting TinyTuesday and, while I was tempted to blip a bird, I thought I would stay with the intent of TT and do a macro shot.  So, this is one of the remaining seed heads from my summer coneflowers (echinacea)   

Braving temperatures in the low 20's F, bundled to the gills, I mounted my macro lens on a tripod and took 9 images trying to get as many of the tiny seeds in focus as possible.  My eyesight not being what it once was, and my appetite for cold weather also not being what it once was, I wasn't inclined to spend any further time crouching in the snow.  So, back to the warm indoors where I did a little cropping, a little faffing and a quick pass through Helicon to stack, and...voile!  Blip done.  A second image is over on Flickr - click HERE to view

We had a lovely Christmas day with MIL yesterday.  Hubs and SIL took turns playing cards with her (War being the favorite) and I'm here to tell you, the woman can still cheat!  Much hilarity and laughter.  Then, we feasted on SIL's homemade lasagna before regaling MIL with stories from her past - she no longer remembers these stories, but loves hearing them.  More laughter.  The only thing that would have made the day more perfect would have been having my parents here too - but we did have a nice chat in the morning.

It is going to be very cold all week, so the fireplace will be getting a work out.  Several years ago we converted our energy-sucking traditional fireplace for an energy effecient "heatolater" version which uses a blower to send the hot air into the house.  It heats our entire downstairs and part of the upstairs so in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it's also a savings on our heating bill.  

Off to run some errands, visit MIL and then back here to start looking through all the TT entries.  I'll post my top picks on Thursday.


PS:  And a late-addition to my blip 2017 Yardbird List!  #48, a juvenile Sharp-shinned hawk with an unfortunate white-throated sparrow.  I just happened to be walking past the kitchen window and spotted the little hawk just after he'd taken down the sparrow.  Camera was within grabbing range, so I shot some quick shots through the window before he took off.  While it can be hard to see a hawk with prey, it is important to remember that first-year hawks have an extremely high mortality rate as many have not yet learned to hunt well enough to survive.  So I was happy to see this youngster with a hot meal.  See Extra for a shot - no blood, but perhaps not for the faint of heart.  

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