Shallot Flower

I could say that my afternoon hasn't been overly productive as in what I had intended it to be ....... it all changed when I decided to watch some YouTube's on my new Sony, for a while I was totally confused as this Sony has much to offer. 
In fact, I was so mixed up I shut the video and my camera and walked away.  But not to be beaten, I went back to it and watched again and learnt quite a bit, learnt settings and changed some.  Still such a lot to learn, but what I did achieve today made me feel quite happy
.....I was a little concerned about its ability to do closeup/macro and feel quite satisfied with today's blip of the flower from a shallot that has gone to seed.  Pretty thing isn't it.....and another trial in extra.
I'm now feeling quite drained and think I have deserved a wine !!

Some gardening and cutting of edges took place this morning.


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