By Missycat

AbstractThursday131 New beginnings

Time was short today, as I had fit in a visit to Slimming World (not good but not terrible) an appointment to have my nails done and a hair appointment all before midday.  I also had Violet in my charge a her nursery is closed this week but of course I did not leave her home alone: her aunty and uncles kindly held the fort for me. I had booked Thursday appointments because my usual day with her is Friday but apparently today was the day I was needed.
It was fortunate then, that I woke early this morning to see a clear dawn sky and managed to go to the top floor and take some pictures.  This is a view I've blipped often before and even several times for Abstract Thursday after the usual tweaking.  I've managed to make it fit ( with a bit of imagination) today's theme of New Beginnings, set by our host Ingeborg.  This is, of course the beginning of a new day and very shortly we will see the beginning of yet another new year.
Only three days left before we leave for a our holiday.  I really don't know how I'm going to get my (paid) work done, the decorations taken down and put away and clothes packed to go in that time!

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