By S_B_n_2cats

Sunset on the Pacific


I finally sat at my laptop to look through photos taken over November and December of 2017. The first thing to make a landscape photo instantly better, I read, is to fix the horizon. Make it neat and horizontal unless you're deliberately going for something different. It does the trick for me every time. I am not a fan of post-production but getting the horizon right is not always on my mind when I press the shutter button. 
Do you have any quick and easy tips to improve your photos?
On this day, we were at the beach with family -not photographed here ;-). The light was fantastic, the beach wasn't crowded and people appeared to be enjoying themselves. The weather, not too hot or too cold, was perfect. Isla and Trevor went for a swim; they couldn't pass on the opportunity to "dip their feet" in the Pacific.

We brought a picnic style lunch with us. Delicious pork on a bun and brownies. My mouth is watering as I write this. Our plan was to hike up the mountains too but the lure of the beach was too strong. 

Sitting on the beach, I managed to finish the book I was reading... I am writing this a month after the fact and it took me a while (and some detective work on my ebook reader) to figure out what I was reading. It was Story of your life by Ted Chiang.

Happy Thursday!

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