By S_B_n_2cats

The Broad


This photo was taken by my other half (he was on the right side of the car when we stopped in front of the Broad on a Tuesday night. I meant to upload it earlier but we have visitors and I knew this could wait. I thought it would fit in the architecture theme/challenge I saw featured a couple of days ago. 

A short story about downtown L.A. 

We've had been to downtown L.A. only once before (daytime) and, honestly, it did not make a great impression. On our walk that day we witnessed a number of odd things, including a person walking into a store and walking away with food they had not paid for. The experience made us feel uneasy, to say the least. 
This time around, we were more scared than we should have (at least I was). We drove from the freeway looking for the train station -our destination that night. The navigation system took us straight into the area that we visited before and onto a street (Grand Ave.) that was only a block away from the area that we had explored on our previous visit. It turns out many recognizable L.A. buildings are close to each other on this street, including The Broad and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. We completely missed them last time. We also failed to see the park or the train station. All of them beautiful landmarks worth seeing.  

This visit helped me appreciate the architectural and cultural components of L.A. I also feel that the area is safer than I originally perceived it to be. I saw runners and pedestrians who clearly felt that it was safe to be out at night.

Happy Tuesday and have a great day!

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