The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Eyes as Big as Plates

I admit I borrowed the title of the wonderful book we were celebrating when we were in Paris last month. (Google it for a treat.) 

If you look at my eyes you can see that I went to the eye doctor today, actually the retina specialist. When I got home my eyes were still dilated. In the morning I saw a very strange floater in my right eye, the one where I'd had surgery in January. It was perfectly round and looked like one of the bubbles I had in my eye during the surgery, or close to that. I only saw it twice and then it disappeared. I thought it was probably nothing but didn't want to leave it to chance. Luckily Dr. Subong had a cancelation and I was able to go in this afternoon. Turned out all was well. Both eyes looked fine and the retina is still flat and well attached. Phew! 

Later in the afternoon my brother Steve came over and we played a couple of games of Carcassonne. He brought food which we shared with a friend who joined us for dinner. It was a really nice evening.

I have to tell you that I am quite proud of myself at the moment. Yesterday I was feeling down. I looked at the calendar and saw four days of blank space. And I was already feeling a bit lonely and didn't want to spend four days alone. Then I looked at my little purse calendar and realized I hadn't carried over two concerts that I wanted to attend this weekend. Cole Anderson and his wife Sijuan Li were playing, Cole on Friday and together on Saturday. I realized that if I didn't want to be alone, it was up to me to take some action. So I invited two friends, Shelly whom I met on the bus to the Seattle Symphony and another music friend Betsy, to join me. Shelly was free for Saturday's concert and Betsy was free for Friday's. Now I have two days that are not empty but have fantastic concerts to attend with friends. Nice!

What to do on New Years Eve was also on my mind. That's Arvin's birthday, and I really didn't want to be alone that evening. So I called my friend Anna and suggested she come and sleep over that night. We can watch movies, eat popcorn, and do whatever we are in the mood for. Anna thought it was a great idea so now I'm going to have a girly night with a really good friend. I am so pleased.

And last but not least, the folks who made an offer on my lake house accepted my counter offer. Next step is the inspection. If all goes well we will close on January 27th. I am a very happy camper today.

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