By MagsyB

Bar-Tailed Godwit at RSPB Tichwell Marsh

A filthy day here in Norfolk; cold, wet and horrible. We decided to take a drive over to RSPB Titchwell on the basis of 1. we could skulk in the hides out of the weather and 2. it has a cafe, toilets and a shop.
Our expectations of seeing anything much were very low but we walked to the furthest (salt lake) hide as that is where we have seen the most in the past. It's a good hide for photography because you can wind the bottom windows up and they are big enough to get a good view outside. The downside is you are looking at a lot of mud - but that's where wading birds like to be.
We were rewarded with good sightings of redshanks, curlew, goldfinches and both black-tailed and bar-tailed godwits so it wasn't a bad day considering all the rain.

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