By MagsyB


We had an interesting morning out with very knowledgeable ( a lot more than us) birding friends. The plan was to go to the Hawk and Owl Trust at Sculthorpe Moor but it was flooded.

Plan B was born;  a short drive to Holkham Nature Reserve near Wells-next-the-sea. We reluctantly stumped up the fiver for 4 hours parking and walked down the the far hide in the woods, leaving all the dog and children walkers behind. 

Lots of birds about, but all very far away - much too far for my lens to do anything with. 

Hunger and the need for a coffee eventually sent us back towards the car, but just as we reached the main drive this Kestrel decided to hover close by.

It had it's back to us (they like to face the wind) but a quick scramble round the side let me get this shot - he hovered for a couple of seconds and then he was off.

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