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By Chocolatelover

The red Church

In Malacca.
Our 2nd day in Malaysia we went to Malacca city..strolling around this historical and hot city, the sun shone soooo bright....we stopped by to The famous ruins of A Famosa (Porta De Santiago), the Portuguese Square and the Portuguese Eurasians have their origin in 1511, when the Portuguese defeated the Malacca Sultanate. The red thick-walled Stadhuys, believed to be the oldest Dutch building in the East, and the salmon red Christ Church stem from the Dutch period which began in 1641, to the Kesultanan Melayu Museum, the Jonker Walk, the Mesjid Kampung Kling (the oldest Mesjid in Malaysia)

Our way to Malaka city was smooth and friendly it just took 2 hours but not our way back to KL sentral, the traffic was bad, it took 4 hours.

Hope you had a good day, blipchums x

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