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By Chocolatelover

River of life

Mesjid Jamek - Kuala Lumpur.
Our last day in we strolled around the city..headed to Medan Pasar (Market Square, it is the heart of the inner city of Kuala Lumpur. And it's the centre of the original township as established by Yap Ah Loy), we took some pictures...
Then we headed to (we walked) to this river of life..if you come here in the evening you will see the blue pool with lovely lights..
A couple of years ago, the city hall came up with an ambitious plan to implement a billion dollar project called the River of Life. The idea was that rivers are the ‘nadi’, or the pulse of a place, and a national heritage that should be taken care of. The beautification project, dubbed River of Life and Blue Pool, were unveiled in late August 2017, to cover the stretch from Masjid Jamek to Daya Bumi. The idea was not just to clean up the river, but to make it a tourist attraction as well. Lights and wind machines were installed all along the banks, and new pedestrian walkways/bridges were set up so that visitors can stroll at a leisurely pace while enjoying the beautiful sights.

Then we stopped by to Pasar Seni and Petaling to buy some souvenirs for our relatives back at home.

Hope you are doing good, blipchums. Xx

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