Winter Workshop

After three days, 60 man hours, 30 cups of tea, four mince pies, three sausage rolls, two tins of cat food and a lot of patience the rebuild of Turbulent G-ARNZ is one step closer to completion.

Over the Christmas break the Turb workshop has been busy with Mike and DB at the helm and a little bit of help from me.

Six leading edge nose ribs are built for the wing and the flight controls are prepped and doped ready for covering with fabric. We’ve got a 30 metre roll waiting to be cut and fitted.

Cups of tea, workshop banter, music on the radio and the forever mewing stray cat wondering around outside passed the time quickly. It’s amazing to see how well built this wooden 1961-built aircraft truly is and it’s an honour to be part of her rebuild. And it beat getting fat sat on my sofa!

Fingers crossed for March when she should be back in the air!

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