Backstreet art

Spotted this near the train station. Went to Westfield Southland today (somewhere I have never been) because I was given some gift vouchers I could use there.

I succumbed and bought ‘The Walking Dead” Seasons 1 - 7! But at 20% off and the use of two gift cards, I ended up paying only $80, which works out less than $11.50 for each season. And...if the world succumbs to a ‘zombie’ apocalypse, I’ll be your go to girl!
Had a lengthy conversation with two staff about how to survive the above event. The guy said he’d just jump on a yacht, I’m like, “how do you manage to steal a yacht”. Apparently his family has one. The girl and I just looked at each other and I said, “OK, for those of us without a family yacht” and we kept talking. They were still discussing it when I left to go to the counter. The check-out guy laughed when I said I could be the Australian Carol.

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