Was It Really So Long Ago

By LincolnGreen

By The River

Master H and I took a stroll this afternoon in the milder, but greyer and windier weather along the Thames Path, whilst shopping was being done. Beloved dropped us off a short distance away and having arrived at the barrier, Master H quizzed me methodically about the meaning of the health and safety signs (safety first) before fully testing the adjacent climbing frames and slides (of course)! Meanwhile, at the request of another family, I performed portrait photographer duties, first ensuring plenty of cheeses were being enthusiastically uttered before they disappeared off to a friends birthday party with wishes of Happy New Year. 

We were soon on the other side of the barrier, where Master H set about establishing that the gates numbered 1-9 were all in tact and that no numbers had been missed out or washed out to sea. Attention then turned towards the numerous cranes on the skyline and the strange string across the river with blobs hanging from it, otherwise known as the Emirates Air Line (cable car).

As we had run out of other points of interest to talk about and our path headed away from the riverside,  Master H keenly shared his extensive knowledge of Minecraft and all it contains, which wiled away the rest of the  remaining walk /carry until we rejoined the shoppers for a ride home.

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