Gem the Wombat

I couldn't think of a better way to say farewell to 2017 than to pat a Wombat and that's exactly what CCN and I did when we revisited the Healesville Sanctuary this morning.  It's a special encounter experience that you need to book in for.  Only six people are allowed in to the enclosure and you have to book well in advance because of its popularity.  We were entertained by a 12 month old Wombat called Gem and she was a real charmer and made sure that we all got lots of pats and she absolutely lapped up all of the attention.   CCN and I both admitted that we felt quite teary, it was such a special privilege to be able to get up so close and personal with the beautiful creature.  I have added some extra images - one of which is quite amusing, but has a very serious message for all of us!

I have added some additional images of the incredible Veterinarian Hospital that has been built at Healesville Sanctuary quite recently.  There were no operations happening today however the whole treatment and operating area is set behind glass walls and the public is able to walk through and see the activities in live living colour.  There's also an ingenious "Future Vet" area where young children can practise at being a vet and treating dummy animals - note the alligator on the stretcher.  We would have loved to have seen the area in action and will definitely revisit the Sanctuary when next we're in the area.  

Well I don't think CCN and I will make it to midnight but we do want to wish all of our Blip Buddies in all corners of the globe a very happy and healthy New Year.  There will be no fireworks at Wombat Bend tonight so we're off to bed :)

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