Walking Wombat

By WWombat

Farewell Wombat Bend

There was no other photo to take today. It had to be a group shot of the residents of Wombat Hollow. Well we almost feel like residents, we've had the most wonderful 10 days at this glorious property. We have shared our space with Sue, Bill, Lisa and these four beautiful Airedales, Oscar, Jemima, Angus and Beckham. It's been a long time since Catherine and I have had such a trouble free and relaxing holiday. The whole area of Yarra Valley is very appealing and we know for sure that we will return to "The Burrow". It's such a short distance from Melbourne so our family can come and visit us here and enjoy the serenity as well. We'll probably be in Gundagai at this time tomorrow evening and with any luck we'll be back in "The Hollow" the next day. We will certainly be so so sad to leave our friends and this amazing place tomorrow.

I awoke this morning to a notification from Blip Central that they had posted the story about my Dad - George and the wonderful connection that had transpired between myself and fellow blipper Alsacienne. The comments coming through today on their post have been really heart warming and I'm delighted that so many blippers now know the story behind my Dad's Lancaster and his brave crew.

One point I would like to add to the story. Dad was only 22 when he was flying the Lancaster on the fateful night that it crashed. It seems so young to have that responsibility. Our Dad never really wanted to talk about what had happened and it was only when he was contacted by the young Frenchmen in 1985 that we started to learn what had really happened to Dad and his crew, and the Lancaster B for Baker.

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