Well we're in Gundagai tonight after driving 464 km's from Wombat Bend. We both felt incredibly sad to be leaving "The Burrow" and Sue, Bill, their friend Lisa and the four magnificent Airedale Terriers who had been such wonderful hosts and friends over the past ten days. There is something really magical about the property that's very hard to put into words. We just know with absolute certainty that we will return and sooner rather than later.

Our ritual late in the afternoon was to sit under the huge gum trees in our camping chairs and only a couple of metres from the Billabong. The water birds are prolific and a laugh a minute, we were highly amused at their antics and then if we felt a bit lonely our hairy four legged friends would come and visit just to make sure we were okay! To be able to introduce little Amelie and Elisa (the granddaughters) to this environment was also a joy and didn't they relish the experience.

Tomorrow we will return to our own wonderful retreat and we'll sit next to our humble Billabong and reflect on an amazing few days in the Yarra Valley with our family and wonderful new friends. Happy days everyone :)

My image today is of the glorious rose garden at Benalla. We have visited here before and thought it would be a great spot to have our lunch as we headed up the highway towards home. It was a bit hot to sit outside so we sat in Mini Mo with Mini and Mo and took in the view of the gardens from the safety of the van.

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