The Art of Espresso

After two long days of driving home from Wombat Bend we trundled into Wombat Hollow at 4.30 this afternoon. This morning we left Gundagai and made a Bee Line for Young where we knew we would be able to get a great coffee. The Art of Espresso is an amazing set up and probably one of the busiest cafes in a country region. It's all about the coffee and the wonderful food that they serve. It's worth googling - The Art of Espresso in Young NSW. Not only do they roast their beans but they teach young AND old budding baristas the art of making a great coffee.

Sadly we couldn't eat there today, they were only just serving coffees and giving their staff a week off from cooking. Fair enough, everyone who works that hard deserves a break. We chatted to Luke, one of the inspiring young entrepreneurs behind the business. He happily lead us through the cafe and the incredible workings beyond and pointed us in the direction of the well known bakery where he assured us we could "get a feed". When I commented on how impressed we were with the establishment and the staff he replied - "It's easy when you're passionate about what you do". How right you are Luke. As we walked back through he cafe to where we'd parked Mini Mo I noticed this inspirational message on the wall of their training room.

"Only as High as you Reach Can You Grow
Only as Far as You Seek Can you go
Only as Deep as You Look Can You See
Only As Much As you Dream Can You Be

We both agree that we had one of our best holidays ever and the huge bonus was meeting Sue and Bill and their friend Lisa. As I said to CCN today - "We arrived at Wombat Bend as their guests and left having made three very dear friends". Now that's special!

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