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Changeable ...

Another weather-based blip for the last of a year which has had more than its fair share of ... weather. This is the view from my window at 8am on Hogmanay; the tide is in and the storm is driving the waves over the East Bay road in Dunoon. The cars that are about at this time are dodging them - slow, slow, quick, quick slow - and the ferry's Twitter feed is full of amber warnings of disruption. After the snow and the still air, the temperature has risen by about 6ºC and it's raining; I had to snatch this quickly before the rain came in and/or the window itself was snatched off in the gale.

As I write, the sun is actually shining on that selfsame view; the sea is perfectly calm and a ferry is peacefully making the crossing from McInroy's Point. Tomorrow this will matter to us, as we once more set out to see family on Ne'erday, but this afternoon I have to cook. Our closest friends are coming to see in 2018 with us, and then it'll be bed as soon after the bells as is decently possible. It's the only way to deal with the awareness of the years passing - food, friendship, family (and wine; don't forget the wine, even if it's not alliterative). And then, just for a week or so, I'm doing nothing. 

Unless Fate takes a hand ...

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