Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Moonlit path

We had quite an adventure with our grandsons to mark Ne’erday in Edinburgh after yet another scramble to the first ferry following a late night. Having walked over Corstorphine Hill for the first time to first foot my son’s in-laws would have been interesting enough - it’s not every city walk that takes you past a group of grazing zebras*- but we’d left the whole enterprise a bit late, with the result that the return walk was done in darkness.

It wasn’t an ordinary dark night, however: as we gained the top of the hill in the last light of the day, we were greeted by the amazing sight of the city laid out before us under the light of the super moon, huge and brilliant to the east of us. And though I took several photos, I’ve chosen the moment when we were able to switch off our phone torches and see our wet, muddy path stretching ahead like a ribbon of silver.

Best walk in ages / two hours of climbing and slithering. Happy New Year!

*The path took us past the fence at the back of Edinburgh Zoo.

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