Sense of Purpose

By brainfreeze

A view from the "Old Bridge"

Ok, so this is my first photo in Blip. I just wanted to get started so it's nothing spectacular. This pic is from the old part of my home village, Puhos, which is a village of about 400 habitants in the town of Kitee. Puhos has a significant role in Finnish industrial history - the first steamboat in Finland was built here about 200 years ago. The photo is taken from an old(-ish) pedestrian bridge over a small channel. In the background you can (barely) see an old mill, which is still functioning, as far as I know. Unfortunately the large tree branch is blocking some of the view. I would've had to cut the branch in order to have a "clear" view and still include at least part of the mill in the picture. Anyhow, there it is, my first pick here....

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