secret garden

By freespiral

Her Foxiness

A quiet night for us last night - we romped through series 3 of The Detectorists which made us laugh a lot - such a warm, gentle, slyly subversive and well observed series. There was the faint whoosh of a possible firework down west in Kilcrohane at around midnight, then a bit of hail and then a full and very bright moon. We know how to live alright!

A quick blast down at Dooneen while the sun was shining, tomorrow looks dire. This place has everything - spectacular scenery, cliffs, an infinity pool and blowholes. We were the only living souls. Nice to have a few extra pix back too.
Miss Fineen looking regal on the first day of 2018 ... and very hungry. Another attempt at fiddling with reduced exposures and darkness as encouraged by Markus_Hediger. Fineen was very obliging though a bit freaked out by the wind.

Day 1 of 2018 very promising, though we're both a bit snotty. Hope it's been good for you too.

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