Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS

Show and Tell

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of a Christmas decoration that had been sent to me by post. This was part of a 'challenge' that friends and I decided to do last New Year - we had to make a Christmas decoration and then post it, anonymously, to the person whose name we had drawn 'from the hat'.

Move forward to New Year's Day 2018, when we all got to share the decorations we had received (see picture). We then had to guess who had made each of the decorations (the Yankee Candle in the photo wasn't one of them!) and then rank them in order 1 - 9 in terms of which was our favourite - just for fun, there were no prizes.

The sheer amount of work and inventiveness that had gone into making them was amazing, the variety of ideas was astonishing and we had a great laugh discussing the efforts behind them. I certainly have some talented friends when it comes to making things, and our idea for the Christmas 2018 challenge is crazier still - but more of that another time.

As it was after 1am on Tuesday when I left my friends' house, I realised I could take another photo of our collection and post it as my January 2 blip. Result!

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