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By Sheol

The last chocolate Brazil

Tiny Tuesday: The last chocolate Brazil

I love dark chocolate and I love Brazil nuts so it is no surprise that Brazil nuts covered in dark chocolate are amongst my favourite things.  Every year, for my birthday, my son buys me a box of them, its a wonderful treat over the Christmas period.   Finding the dark chocolate covered nuts is not that easy - milk chocolate Brazil nuts seem to be everywhere, but their dark chocolate brethren are in much shorter supply.  Sadly this is the last one from this year's stock and its not going to last very much longer this evening ..... well I deserve cheering up after having had to go back to work today ;-)

Cathy really laughed when she saw me setting this one up - "they'll all think its a poo" she said.  How irreverent and vulgar, I'm sure that you are all much higher minded than that, although now that she has mentioned it .... 

Thank you for the very kind response to yesterday's sunset shot, I don't post that many sunsets as they can be a bit overdone, but it seemed a lovely way to start off my blip year, even if it wasn't a mono shot.  

Thanks also go to Thisislife  for hosting the TT challenge during January - I'm afraid I've missed the subject reference (animal) this time.

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