By iaint


Well, that wasn't so bad...

I was at work all day and the office was open, on a day when most other places are shut for the Scotland Only Let's Get Blootered Again Public Holiday.

It was excellent. We were busy all day ("we" being the 17 year old and me) and it was quite enjoyable.

I'm not working in the office again until Monday, which I think will be fine because I have some lawyerly work to catch up with. Then there's a big pile of dirty laundry as well, to be converted into a big pile of ironing.

I've gone suddenly from having a good choice of Blips every day to having to be inventive again! So today it's the "thank you" present from the lovely folks at Le Petit Riad in Ouarzazate.

Date jam is delicious, by the way. I don't know if you can buy it in Scotland.

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