By iaint

First Foot

Home just before midnight and (back) Blipping at 00:19 while waiting for my tea to cool.

It has been a long day, but a good one in the circumstances. I left the hotel in Casablanca at 7:30. In between Air France took good care of me.

I had a long (8 hours) gap between flights in Paris, so I managed to get myself invited by S to come to her house just south of the city, for red wine, escargots, bread and cheese. I hadn't seen her for many years, and it was great to catch up. Her brother owns the guesthouse I stayed in when I was in Istanbul last year.

It was good to have my son meet me at Edinburgh Airport. Not seeing him is the downside of being away at this time... perhaps the only downside.

The Blip is Casablanca's Mohammed V International Airport at about 08:30. The extra is Sceaux  (just south of Paris) at 16:30. Quite a contrast.

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