By dogwithnobrain

We couldn’t get closer than this

They are almost back to normal; except for the constant gazing at me and ‘raol-ling’ -
Translated that means, ‘you moved; you have to supply food now’.

I did a monochrome today; thinking it was Monday; don’t you hate this part of the holiday season where you get to the point where you know not where you are or who you or or when you are.

I went back to work today - knowing that no one would be in. It was joyous. No one there but me; no phones; I was able to crack on and get a wad done.

Tomorrow it will be all; New Year Kisses which I cannot abide ... It stems from working in a predominantly male office years ago and the first days back after new year you had to run the gauntlet of the Office leers coming at you with mouths agape tongues waving ‘seductively’ at you.

I tried always to spend most of the first week ensconced in my room phone clamped to head whether anyone was on phone or not.


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