The Hazyland Boys

By EmmyHazyland

Get Well Soon, Hero

I found a lump on Hero's lip during Christmas so I had arranged that it could be removed today.

I left Hero sleeping at the vet's at 10 am and collected him 40 mins later, when he had just been woken up. 

He had the lump on the lip removed and also a big fatty one on bum. The operation went well and he was home after only 1½ hours. The lump on the bum was harmless. Fingers crossed that the one on the lip was too. It has been sent to a laboratory to be tested further. Please pray for a good result. 

Hero is very tired and has been sleeping ever since he came home. Gollum is a bit worried and keep checking him. 

We do now face 10 days with no freestyle training, to give the wound on his bum a chance to heal before he starts jumping and running again. We will miss our training sessions. 

Get well soon Hero - we love you to the moon and back!
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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