Louise - Changing Natures

By louisemac


It’s my official Blipfoto anniversary...eight years of continuous (almost) Blipping. My *real* anniversary is Jan 1st - check that entry for the explanation!

As a love of nature was the thing that sparked my interest in photography, I’ve tended to try to make these moments related to wildness in some way and this year was to be no different. But the dreaded lurgy that has been stalking me for days finally won out and put paid to any plans to leave the house.

But isn’t that one of the many joys of Blip - and the reason I certainly keep going - is that it opens up your creativity? So the search for an indoor alternative was triggered.

I have very few of my pictures printed but discovered the Printic app relatively recently and love the wee boxes that arrive. So here you have it - an artfully scattered symbolic selection of some of my favourite pics from the past few years.

Blip continues to be a truly wonderful and supportive community- and I’m so happy we have all stepped up and kept it going true to its spirit. I’m not as active on comments as I used to be - to my sorrow and shame - but there are so many fabulous journals on here that inspire me every day. I’m also pleased that I’ve managed to inspire a few folks to join and continue to evangelise whenever I get the chance! Thanks to each and every one of you for your fab Blips - and special hugs for those who pop by this journal so regularly - it means a lot.

I have no intention of stopping - my daily photo is a vital punctuation mark in the story of my every day - it simply doesn’t seem to make sense without it.

Here’s to the next milestone! x

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