Louise - Changing Natures

By louisemac

Imaginary Red Balloons

It’s a big Blip Day today - nine years here in this special community.

No chance to set up any kind of symbolic shot with red balloons as I’m still in the relatively early stages of recovery after major surgery. But it’s a powerful picture for me nonetheless as it was taken on my “recovery shuffle” this morning - taking important, if a wee bit faltering at times, steps towards regaining my health.

Huge thanks as ever to this wonderful Blip family - those volunteers behind the scenes who make sure it all runs so smoothly; those who stop by and offer stars and comments; and especially those wonderful photographers who give me so much inspiration - this is a community full of talent and kindness - a heady combination!

My hope this year is that more of my entries here will be from my DSL rather than my iPhone. More quality time taking photographs is one of my few resolutions for 2019.

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