I was filling in a questionnaire for those nice people at UKCosmos - something to do with mobile phone usage and its effects. "I sometimes forget what I’ve done the previous day" - never/sometimes/often or don’t know/can’t remember. So what on earth did I do? I spent some time / too much time mulching two Mac OS Photos libraries together. And fighting my way through some deserted subway station. At least both were successfully completed.
So then to the first film of the year - Star Wars: the Last Jedi. In 3D. An entertaining enough yarn, and it would be churlish to say it’s just like all the others. Of course it is. The new seating in the Vue is pretty immense though.
Back to finish off the Miniaturist: episode one was quite intriguing; episode two seemed like a different beast altogether - the intrigue just disappeared and the implausible remained just that. Maybe the 3D version would have been better.

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