By Ingeborg


The cone-shaped filler plant that I've also used in last Friday's laurel wreath has opened up into an intriguing flower head (or is it a seed head?) I have no idea what it is called. Made some close-ups in the lightbox to try to catch the fuzziness of the inside.

We spent this afternoon and early evening getting son no 1 to the airport through the worst storm in ages, and then stood in line for more than an hour and a half in between scores of unhappy travellers, whose flights had been cancelled because of the storms. We just wanted to upgrade son's flight ticket with the help of our air miles and luckily for him we could in the end. See the world traveller in the extra.

Remember tomorrow's Abstract Thursday already ! The tag will be AT132 and there is no theme, you're free to post any kind of abstract you like :-)

Thanks very much for your kind comments and stars on yesterday's Chinese souvenirs.

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