Point de Vue

By Alsacienne


What in the world is that word, you might ask? It's Alsatian (a german dialect spoken in the Alsace region) for a nice little dish that consists of noodle dough, stuffed with a mixture of ground meats -- cooked first in a pot au feu, then rolled up and cut into slices.  The slices are quickly seared in oil. Before serving them, they are boiled for 3-4 mns (enough to cook the noodle dough) and served with a nice green salad.

Very labor intensive and best done with lots of hands on deck. Today was the day for their prep. Featured here are my son (preparing the dough), my husband (putting the meat mixture onto the dough before it's rolled up, and my mom cutting one of the rolls into slices. In the extra, the final product being readied.  Altogether, we did 135 of them today :)

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