Rained in - Day 5

After quite an unnerving night on the open plain, basically a large wind tunnel, we packed up the tent during a short break in the rain and headed to find more cover. After only 10minutes we discovered where we were supposed to camp at Pass Creek, a nice sheltered spot in the trees. Here we set up the tent again, waited a wee while until lunch and tried to warm up.
The rain stopped and we mustered the enthusiasm to continue up into the Eastern Arthurs, despite knowing the forecast wouldn't let us get up Federation Peak. Climbed steeply up for 3 hours, arriving at our camp site at Stuart's saddle and setting up. It's a spectacular spot, perched on the edge of the mountain, it would have great views of Federation Peak if it weren't cloudy most of the time!. It is surprisingly sheltered, and thus has lots of huge mossy trees and plants around. 4km, 900m, 3.5hours 

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