Goon Moor Day - Day 6

We came to the conclusion to do a day trip from Stuart's Saddle. The weather was forecast to stay much the same for the next few days, and thus we wouldn't be able to climb Federation Peak and get back before our food ran out.
It was pretty windy, and raining on and off but nevertheless headed along the ridge towards Federation peak. We passed a couple just climbing out of Goon Moor, and then Ned coming the other way who said that he was aiming for Scott's Peak, due to arrive there much the same day as us.
We ran along for 4 hours and got just past the Devil's Thumb, had some lunch then made our way back. The 4 peaks were really cool, and glad we only had a light day pack which made it a lot easier! 12km, 1200m, 7.5hours

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