We decided to go to the Tropical Spice Garden which is a couple of miles out of town. We enquired from the concierge and then went of to catch a bus. After we'd waited about ten minutes a taxi arrived and offered his services and he seemed to know where we were going. I've got a feeling he might have been tipped off! 

The Spice Garden is a great place, it's built into a natural gulley and the colours of the plants, the smells are wonderful with so many butterflies flitting about. we didn't see any monkeys or birds which are supposed to be about but we really enjoyed it.

My main blip is of one of the small waterfalls and I've included a couple of extras. The first is of a Lobster Claw Flower (Heliconia Rostrata) I think. The second is a rather cheeky House Crow at the restaurant. We've seen some great birds today including a white-bellied Sea Eagle, a collared Kingfisher and some sort of sandpiper that I'm not familiar with on the beach at Teluk Behang.

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