The Other Side of the Bay

It was a bit of a watery day today and it had rained quite a lot by the time we woke up and went for breakfast. The sun soon came out though and we plonked ourselves by the pool again. A monitor lizard appeared by the pool, it's a fairly young one, about two years old. When it it gets big enough to worry the residents it'll be relocated to the jungle somewhere. You can see it in the extras.

After a while I went for a walk up the beach the other way which eventually brought me to the little island off shore which is my main blip. It's got some graffiti on it but I've toned it down. 

It's my entry in the Wideangle Wednesday Challenge hosted by BobsBlips. The theme is 'Water'. This one  is three shots stitched as a panorama '. I've added a few more to my album here if you'd like to see them.

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