The Modern World

Penang is many things. Too many to see in a quick visit. It's been brilliant to wander the streets in a way that was just not possible in November 2016. Even when it became rather hot and sunny this afternoon, I felt like I was doing fine. But that may have been aided by the two mojitos (well, they had a "happy hour" promotion, so it would have been rude not to have the second one...).

We redid the Chew Jetty, viewed lots of street art, wandered fairly aimlessly up and down various streets, ate and drank in different places (including the hotel restaurant for dinner), and now we are chilling before planning a fairly early night. Neither of us slept well last night. That's always the way in new places, and part of the challenge of taking a holiday like this involving a lot of moving around.

AirBnB has just reminded me of an upcoming booking. Hmmm. True. But it is in a different part of the world, under entirely different conditions. There's a few steps to take before we get there.

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